Extreme Violet

Extreme Violet

Extreme Violet

Eau De Parfum 100ml

The Violet signifies “Modesty” and “Humility” and is often looked upon as a sign of innocence. Violets are symbolic of faith, mystical awareness, inspiration, spiritual passion, profuseness and sovereignty. 

Extreme Violet took all these symbolics and put then in one beautiful bottle.

Apart from the dazzling aroma of Extreme Violet, the fragrance helps to ease headaches, support restful sleep and is a nice addition to a gentle sleep blend.

The sweetness of the floral note combining the fruity scent spread an alluring odor that scatters a serene vibe. 

Extreme Violet is a fragrance that will always put you in the right state of mind.


Top Note: Grapefruit & Mandarin.

Mid Note: Violet, Sandalwood, White Blossom & Powdery Notes.

Base Note: Vanilla, Iris & Musk.