Urban Men He is there up to date, dynamic and energetic, he is just Urban.
Young, cool, new, active, lively, dynamic and much
more words to feel and understand Urban.
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Urban Women A young girl or a mature lady, it doesn’t matter,
she will always feel like she is his girl, his dream,
she is his urban girl.
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My Desire perfume is made for her
to enhance her sense of longing for joyful,
delightful and charming state of mind.
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Rythm perfume is changing the meaning
of this word to emphasize on the love
that we carry for our beloved ones.
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Being female is a matter of birth,
being a woman is a matter of age, but
being a lady is a matter of choice and
that's SHE.
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Vibes Men fragrance present an original
version of him that is elegant, sharp and
classy man.
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Vibes fragrances are a symbol of the
magical world that we all dream which
is full of love and kindness
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Reflex Black Men Reflex Black Men is a perfume that is
made especially for elegant, smart and
well-groomed men.
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White Side Men It’s reflecting all your sides !
The dark, cool, hot and…..
Sides !
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White Side Women Reflecting her personality in the Middle East and
South Africa, this fragrance can add to her
strong side and complement her sexy side!
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White Side Sport Men White Side Sport Men is a spiritual devotion to
life that can reach those who have
the real power.
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Distinct Men Distinct Men fragrance is a special perfume that
fits perfectly with smart characters and can
change into more serious aroma with time.
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