She has always been the missing piece in any puzzle, you will always need her as she completes you.

The shiny golden box and bottle are nothing but a replica of her inside gorgeousness.

SHE fragrance has a floral scent that is surrounded by a jasmine aura, it starts with mandarin, jasmine and Arabian jasmine.

The scent moves smoothly to solar notes and jasmine then settles on white amber, cashmere and wood.

Vibes Collection

Vibes fragrances are launched to convey a significant memo to the world, Positive mind leads to positive vibes in life, surround your self by love, passion, and kindness vibes.

She is his source of creativeness and he is her inspiration in life, both of them are the positive vibes in this world, they add up a new cheerful story to humanity.

Vibes fragrances are a symbol of the magical world that we all dream of which is full of love and kindness.

Urban Collection

Young, cool, new, active, lively, dynamic and much more words to feel and understand Urban.

You have one way to touch and feel being part of the new move, new league, go Urban. Urban perfumes are a new trend

in the perfumery world that takes you everywhere and wherever you want.

My Desire

My Desire perfume is made for her to enhance her sense of longing for joyful, delightful and charming state of mind.

The shiny shoulder along with the transparent cap which is mixed with the pure gold on the top is mirroring her innocent charisma. 

My Desire Women EDP is a floral fruity fragrance that is built on a woody base highlighting the musky ambry and vanilla mixture.


Rythm perfume is changing the meaning of this word to emphasize on the love that we carry for our beloved ones.

The solid metal piece on the chest of the bottle, that matches the cap, reflects his strong love for her which turned into Rythm.

Rythm perfume has a spicy bouquet that is supported by the tobacco note which is merged gently with the leather and tuberose.

My Dream Collection

When you direct all your thoughts, visions and feelings to something or someone that you really want to have or to be with, it becomes a dream, your own dream, no one can take it from you.

My Dream is an exceptional perfume that was designed especially for her to address her secretive feminine boundary.

My Dream is a novel EAU DE PARFUM for her and for her only which is built on sparkling perfumery notes.

My Dream Perfume is a warm and addictive scent that was shaped to follow her wherever she goes.

Distinct Collection

When you are distinguished and there is no one like you, when you are different in natural from the surroundings, It’s called Distinct.

Distinct Fragrances men and women are special cases, no one can do what they can do, no one can catch up with their intelligence, him and her are one of a kind.

Distinct fragrances are fresh attracting perfumes that have no match and stand out among all.

Reflex Collection

The involuntary response to a stimulation is called reflex, to react naturally without thinking is called reflex, when you are yourself, this is reflex.

His reflex is as strong as him as determined as his character, he always surprises everyone with his powerful reflex.

Her reflex is as soft as her, as fine as her beauty, she will never wait she will always do the first move with an influential reflex.

Evidencia Collection

This collection is dedicated for her. She is the hero of this collection! Two elegant fresh fragrances that are designed only for her.

The two fragrances are a pure representation of her characteristics.

Oudh Collection


Extreme Collection