Women Fragrances

She In Love

She in Love comes in pink this time, she is pulling her childhood her beautiful days her positive memories to be who she is today.

Vibes Intense Women

Vibes Intense for Women, is a classy, powdery essence of the woman’s demeanor. The cypress and blackcurrant creates space for a calm and relaxed woman who understands, not only the meaning of her life, but the significance of it.


She has always been the missing piece in any puzzle, you will always need her as she completes you.

Vibes Women

Vibes Women fragrance is a delightful cashmere world that is full of jasmine and ambry wonders, the fragrance is packed with cheerful vibes.

My Desire

My Desire perfume is made for her to enhance her sense of longing for joyful, delightful and charming state of mind.

Urban Women

Urban perfumes are a new trend in the perfumery world that takes you everywhere and wherever you want. A Young girl or a mature lady, it doesn’t matter, she will always feel like she is his girl, his dream, she is his Urban girl.

My Dream

My Dream fragrance has a unique scent that captures her thoughts and passion to uphold her soft and sensitive side.

Evidencia Women

She is very sophisticated woman, she doesn’t compromise! Her presence is as strong as her essence!