Men Fragrances

Vibes Intense Men

Vibes Intense for Men, comes in a structured, and uniformed packaging, highlighting the aura of what it means to stand in one’s masculinity.

Vibes Men

Vibes Men fragrance presents an original version of him that is elegant, sharp and classy man.

Urban Men

Young, cool, new, active, lively, dynamic and much more words to feel and understand Urban. You have one way to touch and feel being part of the new move, new league, go Urban.

Rythm Men

Rythm perfume is changing the meaning of this word to emphasize on the love that we carry for our beloved ones.

Distinct Men

Distinct Men fragrance is a special perfume that fits perfectly with smart characters and can change into more serious aroma with time.

Distinct Aqua

Distinct Aqua fragrance for men is a private scent for whoever hold to his Aqua memories; water falls, rain, rivers, and sea aroma.

Reflex Black Men

Reflex Black Men comes in a black color to reflect his dominating character, the bottle and box are simply designed in a chic way to mirror his humbleness.